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Rodpicom, otherwise known as Dorkbot, is a worm, which proliferates via VoIP and messaging programs and causes malware infections. Rodpicom is distributed via Skype and Windows Live Messenger platforms. Rodpicom sends a bogus direct message to affected computer users that seems to be sent by one of their contacts asking 'LOL is this your new profile pic?[removed]'. Target computer users should not click the web-link. Attacked PC users should delete the harmful message at once. Those victimized PC users who follow the web-link are directed to an infected website with their PCs being corrupted by Rodpicom. Rodpicom can change itself to fit the default OS language on the victim's machine, thereby making it more trustful to unaware web users. Rodpicom is also equipped with a variety of deceptive and obfuscation methods, which aim at disguising its appearance both from security programs and researchers.

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File System Details

Rodpicom may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. 49f919c49068d963dfc65fd3baae9d20 49f919c49068d963dfc65fd3baae9d20 0
2. bdc68df41f282f07fd2d45267aa27449 bdc68df41f282f07fd2d45267aa27449 0
3. 757b3545a97f063cde6f64954dd6ffc2 757b3545a97f063cde6f64954dd6ffc2 0
4. 725effd207ab36153e8c53e7b96edfc4 725effd207ab36153e8c53e7b96edfc4 0
5. 329458d157a03083b177fe53c439516f 329458d157a03083b177fe53c439516f 0


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