is a dubious website designed to generate monetary gains for its creators through several schemes, depending on the user's geolocation. The website checks the IP address of its visitors and then decides what behavior to initiate.

Users have reported that has taken them to untrustworthy third-party websites through forced redirects or intrusive and unwanted pop-ups. In addition, the website itself may display various misleading or deceptive materials as well as trying to run a popular browser-based scam. By taking advantage of popular social-engineering tactics, could attempt to trick its visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. The most popular scenario observed to be carried out by is for the site to pretend to be conducting a captcha check for bots. The following messages will be displayed across the website's page:

'Press 'ALLOW' to verify, that you are not robot'

Users who experience far too frequent redirects to the website may have had a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) installed on their computers. This is not an unusual occurrence as most PUPs rely on deceptive marketing tactics for their distribution such as bundling or hiding inside a fake software updater/installer.


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