Description operates in a virtually identical way to all the other deceptive pages dedicated to the proliferation of the same browser-based tactic. The goal of these websites is to trick their visitors into subscribing to their push notification services. Afterward, the pages will abuse the received permissions to run intrusive ad campaigns and generate monetary gains for their respective operators. follows the exact same script. It shows misleading alerts or warning messages that all urge users to click the 'Allow' button. The exact text of the messages depends on the specific scenario displayed to the visitor. For example, one of the most common deceitful tactics is to pretend that the site is performing a CAPTCHA check. The page will show an image of a robot accompanied by the following text:

'Click ALLOW to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Other variants include pretending that a file is ready for download or that a video will be played after pressing the button:

'Click Allow to watch the video'

'Download is ready. Click Allow to download your file'

Users should be careful when interacting with advertisements generated by such shady sources. The advertisements could redirect to more untrustworthy pages, where users could be exposed to other online tactics, phishing schemes or worse.