Description is yet another con website that tries to trick people into subscribing to its push notification services. Its behavior is completely identical to that of the myriad other website put on the Internet with the same goal. These sites are mostly empty with the only messages on their pages being misleading alerts or warnings designed to bait visitors into clicking the Allow button. If successful, these sites will receive broad browser permissions allowing them to generate monetary gains for their creators via intrusive advertising campaigns. 

Users who land on will be presented with an image containing a robot. One or more messages will then claim that the site is performing a CAPTCHA check for bots. To prove that they are, in fact, humans, users are instructed to click the Allow button:

'I am not a robot. Click Allow to verify that you are not a robot

Click Allow to confirm'

The immediate effect of falling for the tactic would be a severely diminished user experience on the device, due to the intrusive advertisements. However, users may soon have a lot more to worry about. The unwanted advertisements could lead to phishing pages that collect all entered information or fake giveaways that try to extort money from their visitors. It is not out of the question for the advertisements to even lead to compromised pages trying to spread malware threats. 

It is strongly advised to remove all permissions granted to the deceiving website via the appropriate menu in your browser's 'Settings.' Afterward, you also may want to run a thorough scan of your system for any PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that might be lurking on it. After all, PUPs are among the top reasons for users to land on websites such as