Threat Database Browser Hijackers

There are countless tricks used by con-artists online to generate revenue off the backs of unsuspecting users. One of the old tricks in the book is bogus giveaways and fake raffles. The operators of the website have taken this approach. This dodgy Web page would implement a variety of social engineering tricks to convince the user to follow its instructions.

Attempts to Look Legitimate by Associating With Popular Brands

Visitors of the website are likely to be presented with a fake pop-up window that claims they have won an amazing prize. However, the site would state that the user needs to follow the instructions they are presented with if they want to claim the amazing prize in question. In an attempt to make their page look legitimate, the operators of the website claim to be associated with popular brands like Walmart, YouTube, Amazon, etc. The site is likely to ask its visitors to complete a lengthy survey to claim their prize. After filling out the survey, users may be redirected to another questionnaire, and then another one, etc. However, the claims of the websites' operators are blatant lies, and there is no prize to be won.

Fortunately, it does not appear that the website is associated with the distribution of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or unsafe applications. It would appear that the operators of the site are generating cash from the surveys that their visitors complete. Keep in mind that if a website presents you with alerts or pop-ups, claiming that you have won a valuable prize, that is most definitely a scheme. If you come across such a website, it is best to close the window and continue with your day.


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