Alix1011RVA Ransomware

Alix1011RVA Ransomware Description

So far, cybersecurity experts have not been able to place the Alix1011RVA Ransomware as part of any existing family of ransomware threats, which makes it at least somewhat unique. However, it may be founded on the BlackHeart Ransomware, it is still a ransomware, and the damage the Alix1011RVA Ransomware can cause shouldn't be underestimated. Once inside a computer, the Alix1011RVA Ransomware will employ a strong encryption algorithm to lock the users out of accessing their files effectively. Every encrypted file will have '.Alix1011RVA' appended to its original filename as a new extension. The criminals behind this malware leave instructions for their victims in a text file named 'ReadME-Alix1011RVAEncryption.txt' and in a pop-up window.

The text file informs affected users that their data has been locked. It also contains an email for contact with the hackers -, as well as the unique ID key assigned to the victim. The note found in the pop-up window differs slightly. Still, it doesn't provide any additional details apart from specifying that the ransom should be paid in Bitcoin and a warning that restarting the compromised computer could render the already locked files to no longer be decryptable. The ID key also can be found here, as well as the same email address that is mentioned a total of three different times in the same text.

When dealing with the Alix1011RVA Ransomware, users should first deploy a professional anti-malware program to remove any traces of the threat and prevent any further encryption of the files. Only then should victims proceed to restore the encrypted files from an appropriate backup, if such is available.

The text from the pop-up window presented by the Alix1011RVA Ransomware is:

'Your System Has Been Hacked

Personal Key :

Warning: Please Don't Restart or Shutdown Your PC,

If do it Your Personal Files Permanently Crypted.

For Decrypt Your Pesronal Just Pay Btc, After Pay You Can send personal key to My Email:

My Wallet In Blockchain For Pay Contact Me:

Contact Me : 

The note in the text file created by the Alix1011RVA Ransomware is:

All your data has been locked us. You want to return? Contact to Email: Your Personal Key:'

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