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Rejg Ransomware

Rejg Ransomware is a newer notch in the belt of computer hackers and cybercrooks who look to make a payday out of holding a system’s files for ransom. The actions of Rejg Ransomware appear to be no different than the recent influx of other well-known ransomware threats as it will seek out files on the infected system only to encrypt them and make demands to the computer user to pay a ransom to supposedly restore the files.

Rejg Ransomware gets its name due to the file extension appended on all files that it encrypts on an infected PC. While the files are easily identifiable, they cannot be opened or accessed due to their encrypted state.

Computer users looking to restore their files from being encrypted by Rejg Ransomware will want to seek a recent system backup but perform the file restore after Rejg Ransomware has been eliminated. Removal of Rejg Ransomware may be done using an antimalware resource, which is the only method known to automatically eliminate ransomware threats on a Windows computer.


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