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Redox Stealer

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a dangerous information-stealer threat that is being offered for sale on underground malware marketplaces. The threat is named Redox Stealer and according to the information presented by its developers, it can extract and compromise vast quantities of sensitive and confidential data from breached devices.

When deployed to the targeted computer system, Redox Stealer will being by obtaining various system details. It will get a list of the installed apps, the currently active processes, available networks, etc. The malware will also extract data from Windows credential manager or Vault passwords. The attackers can also utilize Redox Staler to take arbitrary screenshots of the desktop and any active windows. If there is a camera connected to the device, the hackers can assume control over it in order to take snapshots.

Data from nearly all of the more popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox may also be compromised. Redox Stealer targets the user's browsing history, cookies, bookmarks, passwords, and information saved in the browser's autofill data. It is also possible that the threat can impact email clients, popular social media clients or messaging platforms, VPNs, gaming-related clients, and more. The cybercriminals deploying the threat could also use it to steal the victim's cryptowallet credentials and assume control over the funds stored there.


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