Threat Database Adware RecognitionAssist


By GoldSparrow in Adware, Mac Malware

RecognitionAssist is adware that affects Mac computers where there may be a modification of web browsers or internet settings that occurs. Such modification may cause the display of random pop-ups or alert messages that may be misleading to most. Moreover, site redirects to various pages may occur due to the RecognitionAssist adware modifying certain Internet settings.

Mac computer users will want to find and eliminate the components associated with RecognitionAssist to stop it from causing alerts or questionable pop-ups to appear. Such actions may prevent normal use of the Mac computer or reduce the ability to surf the Internet without interruption.

The RecognitionAssist adware belongs to the Adload malware family, which are known for their social engineering methods to trick Mac computer users into allowing pop-ups and notifications to display on their system. Removal of the RecognitionAssist adware may require use of an antimalware resource to automatically detect and eliminate the components associated with RecognitionAssist that may have loaded on a Mac due to installing freeware or bundled apps.


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