Reaver Description

Reaver is a malware family supposedly supported by the Chinese government that is used to attack Chinese activists and other politically-motivated groups considered threatening. Reaver uses an unusual technique, which is making its final payload to take the form of a Control Panel module, Security researchers have located several samples and some variants on the Reaver family. When installed on a machine, Reaver variants can collect information from the computer's memory, the computer's name and IP address, the CPU speed, its Window version and the user name. The collected data, then, is sent to its controllers' remote server.

The Reaver is performing its attacks since at least 2013, and its developers are updating it constantly. Besides collecting data, the true intent of the Reaver attack has not been disclosed yet. However, any information collected surreptitiously is a privacy breach that can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, Reaver infections should be avoided dynamically. The best measure to avoid these threats is by having an updated anti-malware running on the computer.

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