Users who experience frequent redirects to the R.eablink.com website have most likely become affected by a browser hijacker app. Such apps are designed to install themselves on computer systems without attracting the attention of the user through various deceptive distribution tactics such as bundling or hiding inside fake software updaters or installers.

The browser hijacker causing the R.eablink.com redirects could also manifest its presence through various other intrusive ads. Users might be presented with pop-ups, banners, surveys, coupons, etc., that could start to cover the legitimate website content and lead to a severely diminished browsing experience. Certain browser settings might also be modified to open a promoted link, usually a fake search engine. As a result, whenever the affected browser is opened, a new tab is started, or a search is conducted, it would immediately generate traffic for the promoted address.

Users are advised to abstain from engaging with the ads generated by the browser hijackers as they could lead to dubious third-party pages. Among the potential destination could be dedicated pages for phishing or tech support scams, domains spreading barely functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), or even compromised websites conducting drive-by downloads of malware threats.

The more sophisticated browser hijackers oftentimes disperse their files in several locations on the user's computer system while also creating persistence mechanisms ensuring their presence. That is why one of the best methods of getting rid of the PUPs causing the R.eablink.com redirects is to use a professional anti-malware product.


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