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Ranzy Locker Ransomware

Ranzy Locker Ransomware is a cryptolocker threat that for the moment has not been categorized as being part of any previously existing ransomware family. It operates in the typical ransomware manner, though. Its goal is to sneak onto a computer and encrypt nearly all of the user's files. As a result victims of the threat will be effectively locked out from using or accessing any of their personal or business-related files which can have disastrous consequences.

Ranzy Locker Ransomware appends '.RNZ' as a new extension to the original filenames of all encrypted files. After the encryption process has concluded, it drops a 'readme.txt' text file containing a note with instructions from the hackers as well as a file called 'id.key' in every folder containing locked data.

According to the ransom note, Ranzy Locker Ransomware is capable of deleting file backups as well as infecting computers through the local network. No specific sum is mention for the restoration of the data but the criminals are supposed to provide their victims with further instruction after being contacted through an email on the provided addresses - or In order to further scare affected users into carrying out their demands, the criminals state that they possess various sensitive data stolen from the compromised computer that will be leaked on their website.

The full text of the note created by Ranzy Locker Ransomware is:

Attention! Your network has been locked by Ranzy Locker

Your computers and server are locked now.

All encrypted files have extension: .RNZ

---- How to restore my files? ----

All files on each host in your network encrypted with strongest encryption algorithms

Backups are deleted or formatted, do not worry, we can help you restore your files

Files can be decrypted only with private key - this key stored on our servers

You have only one way for return your files back - contact us and receive universal decryption program

Do not worry about guarantees - you can decrypt any 3 files FOR FREE as guarantee by email

---- Attention ----

!!! All your sensitive data was downloaded to our servers

!!! We are ready to publish this data in our blog with your Company Name, if you will not contact with us by email

!!! Only we can delete your files from our servers

!!! Only we can restore all your files without any LOSS

---- Contact us ----

Contact us by email: or

And attach in first letter this file or just send all info below (copy all info!):

key: -



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