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Ransomwared Ransomware

iwanttits RansomwareMalware researchers have detected a new data-locking Trojan named Ransomwared Ransomware. This threat also is known as ‘iwanttits Ransomware.’ Thankfully, cybersecurity experts have managed to crack the Ransomwared Ransomware, and there is a free decryption tool available online.

Propagation and Encryption

It is not fully clear what propagation methods are the attackers employing. It is likely that the Ransomwared Ransomware is spread via spam emails that contain infected attachments. However, there are other popular infection vectors that may be utilized in the spreading of the Ransomwared Ransomware – bogus software updates, torrent trackers, malvertising operations, etc. The Ransomwared Ransomware is likely designed to target documents, images, audio files, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, archives, databases and various other file types. The Ransomwared Ransomware applies an encryption algorithm to lock the targeted data. Once a file is locked, you may notice that its name has been altered. This is due to the fact that the Ransomwared Ransomware appends a ‘.ransomwared’ or ‘.iwanttits’ extensions at the end of the file names of the affected files. For example, a file that was named ‘crystal-water.mp3’ originally, will be renamed to ‘crystal-water.mp3.ransomwared’ (or crystal-water.mp3.iwanttits’).

The Ransom Note

The ransom message of the attackers would appear in a pop-up window named ‘Recovery.’ It would appear that the authors of the Ransomwared Ransomware have taken an interesting approach of blackmailing their victims – instead of asking for a payment, they demand to be sent nude photos of the victim. As we already mentioned, the Ransomwared Ransomware has been cracked, and you do not need to comply with the demands of the attackers to decrypt your data. There is an email provided that would serve as a means of contacting the creators of the Ransomwared Ransomware – ‘’

Even if a free decryption tool wasn’t available, it is still not a good idea to comply with the demands of cybercriminals. Make sure you download and install a genuine anti-malware tool that will keep your system safe from threats like the Ransomwared Ransomware.


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