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Ransomwarebit is threatening ransomware that locks users' files and demands payment in Bitcoin to decrypt them. Victims are commanded to contact the attackers via two email addresses, '' or ',' to pay the cybercriminals for the supposed decryption program. The Ransomwarebit Ransomware ransom note also reveals that the threat actors are using double-extortion tactics. The message warns victims that if they do not pay the ransom, private data that has been collected from the infected systems will be sold or released publicly. The Ransomwarebit Ransomware also cautions against attempting to recover the files with free decryption tools or third-party programs, as this may make decryption harder or destroy the files permanently. Victims are warned that the longer they wait to respond, the higher the price of the decryption program will be.

What Should be Your First Actions Following a Ransomware Attack?

A ransomware attack can be a terrifying experience. No businesses or individual users want to have their data held hostage, so they need to know what to do following a ransomware attack to minimize the damage and recover quickly.

The first thing to do when responding to a ransomware attack is to shut down all systems and lock down the network, isolating any computers and other devices that might have been affected. This includes cutting off Internet access to prevent further attacks from occurring, as well as powering down all critical systems on-site.

After the breached devices have been isolated, use a professional anti-malware solution to scan them and remove all detected hazardous items. Delete all traces of the ransomware on the system before proceeding further, or you might risk subsequent encryption of any additional files and data.

Finally, you should try to restore the affected data from secure backups or cloud storage solutions that exist outside of the infected systems. Restoring from backups ensures that no corrupted files will be brought alongside legitimate files, which could cause security issues to reappear down the road.

The full text of the Ransomwarebit Ransomware ransom note is:

'All Your Files Are Locked And Important Data Downloaded !

Your Files Are No Longer Accessible Don't Waste Your Time, Without Our Decryption Program Nobody Can't Help You .

Your ID :

If You Want To Restore Them Email Us :

If You Do Not Receive A Response Within 24 Hours, Send A Message To Our Second Email :

To Decrypt Your Files You Need Buy Our Special Decrypter In Bitcoin .

Every Day The Delay Increases The Price !! The Decryption Price Depends On How Fast You Write To Us Email.

We Deliver The Decryptor Immediately After Payment , Please Write Your System ID In The Subject Of Your E-mail.

If Payment Is Not Made We Will Sell Or Publish Your Data.

What is the guarantee !

Before Payment You Can Send Some Files For Decryption Test.

If We Do Not Fulfill Our Obligations, No One Does Business With Us , Our Reputation Is Important To Us
It's Just Business To Get Benefits.


Attention !

Do Not Rename,Modify Encrypted Files .

Do Not Try To Recover Files With Free Decryptors Or Third-Party Programs And Antivirus Solutions Because

It May Make Decryption Harder Or Destroy Your Files Forever !


Buy Bitcoin !'


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