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Ransom Prank Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The Ransom Prank Ransomware is a bogus encryption ransomware Trojan. The Ransom Prank Ransomware belongs to a category of threats that claims to encrypt the victims' files, like many other Trojans active currently, but it doesn't encrypt the victim's data. The Ransom Prank Ransomware and similar threats rely on lock screens, which are messages that prevent the victims from accessing their desktops and software, to scare the victims into believing that their computers were compromised in a more severe attack. The Ransom Prank Ransomware was first observed as part of a large spam email campaign that took place towards the end of August 2017. This spam email campaign is being used to deliver the Ransom Prank Ransomware, as well as several other threats with similar characteristics.

Is the Ransom Prank Ransomware a not Funny Joke?

Once the Ransom Prank Ransomware is installed, the Ransom Prank Ransomware will make changes to the Windows' startup programs to ensure that the Ransom Prank Ransomware can run when Windows starts up automatically. When the victim logs into Windows, the Ransom Prank Ransomware will run instead of Windows loading on the desktop. The Ransom Prank Ransomware presents a lock screen, a message that prevents the victims from bypassing it. The Ransom Prank Ransomware also will disable features like the Task Manager or keyboard shortcuts, which could be used to bypass the Ransom Prank Ransomware message. The Ransom Prank Ransomware is designed to prevent computer users from using their anti-malware software or taking steps to remove the Ransom Prank Ransomware lock screen.

How the Ransom Prank Ransomware Attack Works

The Ransom Prank Ransomware displays a full-screen window that is titled 'Your Computer is Locked!'. The full text of the Ransom Prank Ransomware lock screen reads:

'Your Computer is Locked !
Your importing files are encrypted !
Many of your documents, photos, viedos, databases an other files are no longer accessible because they have been encrypted.
Maybe you are busy looking for a way to recover your files, but do not waster your time. Nobody can recover your files without our decrytionservice
Can I Recover My Files?
Sure. We garantee that you can recover all your flies safely and easily. But you have not so much time.
You have only 3 days to submit the payment. After that the price will be doubled.
Also if you don't pay in 7 days, you won't be able to recover your files forever.
We will have free events for users who are so poor that they couldn't pay in 6 month.
How Do I Pay?
Payment is accepted in Bitcoin only. Go online for more information.
Please check the current price of Bitcoin an buy some bitcoins.
And send the correct amount to the address specified in this window.
Once the payment is checked, you can start decrypting your files by getting the DecrytionCode.
Send 0.5 Bitcoin to

One curious aspect of the Ransom Prank Ransomware is that the supposed Wallet address the victims are asked to use to make the payment is not registered, meaning that the Ransom Prank Ransomware is not set up to collect ransom payments from its victims.

Dealing with a Ransom Prank Ransomware Infection

Fortunately, the Ransom Prank Ransomware can be bypassed with the extraordinarily weak password '12345', which PC security researchers have observed to be coded into the Ransom Prank Ransomware. The Ransom Prank Ransomware lock screen and similar lock screens may be bypassed by using alternate startup methods to log into Windows, such as using Safe Mode, which will prevent Windows from loading unessential startup programs (like the Ransom Prank Ransomware.) A reliable security program that is fully up-to-date should be used to remove the Ransom Prank Ransomware from the infected computer once access has been restored to the affected computer. Fortunately, unlike most genuine encryption ransomware Trojans, the Ransom Prank Ransomware is not capable of encrypting the victim's files and making them inaccessible or corrupted permanently. However, it's important to take preventive steps to avoid more threatening ransomware Trojans.


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