Rampant Kitten APT

Rampant Kitten APT is a malware threat group known for mostly targeting Iranian systems via a surveillance campaign. While targets of Rampant Kitten APT are focused on systems in Iran, the spread of Rampant Kitten APT malware is vast as it could essentially infect computers in other areas of the world utilizing a specialized arsenal of Android malware and other unknown tools.

The Rampant Kitten APT, or Advanced Persistent Threat group, was discovered through a campaign that spread an MS word document utilizing spear phishing techniques. The actions of Rampant Kitten APT malware may compromise systems or remote servers where they may be instructed to impersonate certain websites to conduct aggressive phishing campaigns.

Computer users and administrators will want to seek out and remove threats associated with Rampant Kitten APT as they could cause massive issues with payloads that are loaded onto vulnerable systems, which may be initialized without the indication to the computer or device users and administrators. Using an antimalware resource will suffice to safely detect and eliminate threats related to Rampant Kitten APT.


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