Rainfraest.online is a browser hijacker that is known for being associated with alert messages that attempt to get permission from a computer user to display additional notifications at random. If one does allow such notifications to appear by clicking “Allow” on the pop-up that it generates, the PC user could then be bombarded by notifications that display when surfing the Internet. Such notifications may load the Rainfraest.online website or even lead to modification of Internet settings to set the Rainfraest.online page as a default home page or new tab page.

The Rainfraest.online website appears to be a download site and one that offers various products and services. While it’s mostly harmless, the Rainfraest.online site may be a method for cybercrooks to earn money based on clicks or impressions of computer users surfing the Internet.

The removal of components associated with Rainfraest.online is the sure method for stopping the unwanted actions of the browser hijacker. Such an action may be performed automatically by using a trusted antimalware resource.


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