Threat Database Adware RadianceChecked


RadianceChecked is a type of adware that affects computers and displays unwanted advertisements that are usually an annoyance. Adware is software that is programmed to generate revenue for its developers by displaying advertisements on users' computers. While some adware is legitimate and simply displays ads in exchange for free software or other benefits, other adware is more malicious and can cause harm to users' computers and personal information.

RadianceChecked is an example of adware that falls into the latter category. This adware is usually installed on users' computers without their knowledge or consent. It can be bundled with other software that users download from the internet, or it can be installed through other means, such as fake software updates or malicious email attachments.

What does RadianceChecked do on Your Computer?

Once installed on a computer, RadianceChecked begins to display advertisements to the user. These ads can take many forms, including pop-ups, banners, and in-text ads. They may be related to the user's web browsing history, or they may be completely unrelated. In either case, they are usually unwanted and can be difficult to close or remove.

In addition to displaying ads, RadianceChecked can also track users' browsing activity and collect personal information such as their search history, IP address, and even their keystrokes. This information can be used to create targeted ads or sold to third-party advertisers, putting users' privacy and security at risk.

If you presupose that your computer has been infected with RadianceChecked or another type of adware, there are some steps you should take to remove it. The first step is to run a full system scan using reputable anti-malware software. Such software can detect and remove any adware or other malware that may be on your computer. In addition to running anti-malware software, you should also be careful when downloading software from the internet. Always download software from reputable sources and read the terms and conditions carefully before installing any software on your computer. You should also keep your operating system and other software up to date with the latest security patches and updates.


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