SimpliClean Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

SimpliClean is a subscription-based application that promises to help users optimize the performance of their PC systems. The application is released by Simplitec GmbH and can be downloaded from its official website. However, some users have reported that SimpliClean was installed on their computers without their knowledge. 

Most likely, this is a result of a distribution scheme such as bundling. It involves wrapping an additional application alongside another more recognizable software product. Users need to check all of the installation settings, more specifically the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' menu, to see that one or more applications have already been selected to be installed on the device. 

Other complaints associated with SimpliClean mention that the application may set itself to automatically be launched on every boot via an auto-start Registry entry affecting all users on the system. It also may set several scheduled tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler, ensuring its launch at various scheduled points in time. SimpliClean adds its two Windows Firewall exceptions - one for 'PowerSuite.exe' and one for 'ServiceProvider.exe.' Doing so allows the app to connect to the Internet without interference from the Windows security feature. 

Removing SimpliClean also could prove to be more difficult than it has to. In some instances, users are claiming that the application doesn't have an uninstaller. Other reasons that could prevent uninstallation are missing or corrupted program files, broken or corrupted Registry entries related to SimpliClean, incomplete installation and more. 

Technical Information

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File System Details

SimpliClean creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 simpliclean.exe 0d48c5a26de0f64c65348e1ab52c6dfa 7

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