PublicFraction Description

PublicFraction is an application that combines the functionalities of several types of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). It can deliver unwanted advertisements like an adware application, take over certain browser settings to promote fake search engines like a browser hijacker, and, on top of that, it collects sensitive private information from the affected system. It should be highlighted that most users do not install PublicFraction on the computers willingly. Instead, the application employs deceitful distribution tactics to hide its installation. One such confirmed method is the application hiding inside a fake Adobe Flash Player installer.

If PublicFraction manages to infiltrate a computer, it will modify the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine of the user's browser. Depending on the type of browser, the fake engine promoted by the application changes. On Chrome, PublicFraction promotes '' while on Safari, it drives artificial traffic towards '' These engines are considered to be fake due to their inability to produce any search results on their own. Both of them take any search query conducted in the affected browser and redirect it through, a legitimate search engine.

Having PublicFraction lurking on your computer will also result in various unsolicited advertisements or redirects interfering with the normal browsing experience of the user. Clicking on any of the advertisements could drive the user to dubious third-party websites, which represents a significant privacy concern. The most troubling aspect of PublicFraction, however, is its attempt to harvest sensitive information from the browsers it has affected. Credit card details, passwords, phone numbers, etc., can all become compromised.

It is strongly recommended to remove PublicFraction from your computer as soon as you notice any signs of its activity.