Description is a cheat website that tries to trick visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. This is a rather popular scheme and countless virtually identical sites dedicated to carrying it out have already been put on the Internet. By landing on any of them, users trigger various misleading pop-up messages that try to convince them to click the 'Allow' button. This is the crux of the tactic - by doing so users grant major browser permissions to that particular website. Afterward, the cheat page can proceed to generate monetary gains for its creators by delivering intrusive advertising materials to the affected device.

There are several popular scenarios that these misleading websites employ. The most widely used is pretending to conduct a CAPTCHA check for bots. However, has chosen a different tactic. It displays a video clip that is having issues being played currently. Accompanying the video is the following message:

'Press Allow to watch the video'

The instructions are extremely clear and users who let curiosity get the better of them would be playing right into the fraudsters' hands. 

The advertisements displayed by should be approached with caution. They might lead to questionable or outright unsafe sites. Users could be taken to phishing pages, dubious gaming platforms, adult websites or domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). 

To stop from messing with your browsing experience, you must revoke all of the permissions that have been granted to it. Usually, this can be done through the Notifications of Permissions settings of your respective browser.