Description targets iPhone users and uses deceptive scare tactics to trick them into downloading and installing a promoted application. Typically, such hoax websites are used as a vehicle in the distribution of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that can generate annoying advertisements, take over the installed browser, collect various data or perform other intrusive actions. 

Once users have landed on, they will be presented with a fake warning that tries to pass as an official message from Apple security. The main page on the site will claim that the user's device has been infected with multiple malware threats. Supposedly, the device has already sustained significant damage and the situation will only get worse if immediate action is not taken. The deceptive page will then urge its victim to click the displayed button and install the promoted dubious application. 

As we said, the claims of such suspicious pages should not be taken seriously. No website can perform a malware scan on its own and they rely on the users being unaware of this fact. Even if the promoted application is a legitimate one, users should still get it from the official App store and via a random website.