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'' iPhone Calendar Spam

If you have provided a dodgy website with your iCloud email address, you may end up experiencing an issue known as the ‘’ iPhone calendar spam. The operators of this campaign are bombarding iPhone users with countless calendar notifications that are alerting them for non-existing events. The goal of this campaign is to trick the user into clicking on the link provided in the fake calendar event.

Some of the con-artists taking advantage of the iPhone calendar spam promote low-quality pages and dodgy special promotions. However, some use this trick to propagate schemes or even malware. The activity of the ‘’ spam campaigns is linked to bogus reports regarding the health of your device, as the conmen may claim that your iPhone has been infected with several threats and even spawn fake ‘System Notifications’ alerts to make the scam appear more believable. They may also state that your mobile device is vulnerable to cyberattacks. The goal of this campaign is to either convince users to download a fraudulent anti-malware application that may be potentially harmful or to trick them into subscribing for overpriced technical support services.

Do not click on links in your calendar application unless you have added them yourself. Third-party calendar applications are not affected by the iPhone calendar spam campaigns, so they are safe to use.


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