ProtectAd or is a dubious website that is used by unscrupulous people to run various scams. The website is mainly targeted against iPhone users but it is entirely possible to land on it even if you are using a different Apple device. One of the common schemes observed on is to attempt to scare its visitors via fake warning messages into downloading and installing a promoted app. 

Upon landing on, users are presented with a pop-up window that urges users to immediately go to the app store to get the promoted app, which in this case appears to be an ad-blocker. In the background, the site will claim that the user's iPhone is exposed to ads and malware threats with the best way to remedy the situation being the recommended Ad-Blocker software. Users should always keep in mind that no website can actually conduct scans for malware on its own and all such claims should be disregarded immediately. Furthermore, installing applications promoted through such dubious means is strongly discouraged.

Scam websites such as are mostly used to proliferate various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program). In turn, users who often see themselves landing on questionable websites may very well have a PUP lurking inside their computer system that is causing these redirects. PUPs should be removed as soon as possible because they can generate intrusive ads and notifications, take over certain browser settings, or even spy on the user's browsing activities.