The page belongs to a dubious website that was created for the sole purpose of running online tactics. Infosec researchers have observed using scare tactics to trick its visitors into downloading and installing a promoted application.

This tactic is most often leveraged against iPhone users, and is not an exception. It first displays a pop-up message claiming to be a security notification. Its text states that the user's data may be in danger. The main page of the site continues with the fake scares - apparently, third parties have access to the data stored on the device and might attempt to collect it. To stop this outcome, users are directed towards clicking on the conveniently provided button to download the promoted application.

When dealing with and all other dubious pages running this tactic, it is important to remember that no website can perform security scans on your device. As a result, all of their claims should be regarded as fake and ignored completely. In addition, the products promoted through such deceptive means are almost always barely-working PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Even if the offered application is legitimate, you should still avoid getting it from such a shady source. Go to the official app store and look for it there. 


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