Threat Database Mac Malware ProgramInitiator


ProgramInitiator is a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) that takes over the user's browser and forces it to redirect to fake search engines. The goal is to generate monetary gains by increasing traffic to the promoted search engines and by injecting sponsored advertisements in the search results list.

ProgramInitator determines which fake engine to promote, depending on the specific browser of the user. For Safari, it sets the homepage, new page tab, and default search engine to, while for Chrome, it sets the browser to redirect to Both of these engines are considered to be fake as they cannot produce search results on their own. Instead, they take any search query initiated by the user and redirect it through

Users should note that ProgramInitiator collects data while it is present on the computer. The application is capable of logging telephone number, credit card details, passwords, and other browser information. It is recommended to remove ProgramInitiator from your device as soon as possible by using legitimate anti-malware software, preferably.


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