Description is classified as a rogue website designed with the sole purpose of delivering questionable content to users. The exact behavior of the site is based upon the visitor's geolocation. determines this factor by analyzing the user's IP address. The result will decide whether the website will display the promoted content by itself or the user will be redirected to one or several other questionable pages. In addition, could try to lure users into subscribing to its push notification services through deceptive error or warning messages.

Users should exercise caution when dealing with pages such as It is quite common for the fraudsters to display alluring messages about giveaways or surveys that promise sizeable rewards. The reality, however, is that the promised rewards do not exist while the site harvests all information entered by the visitor.

On the other hand, falling for the deceptive alerts that urge users to click the 'Allow' button will allow to run an intrusive advertising campaign. The site could continue to deliver annoying ad materials even if the affected browser has been closed. Furthermore, engaging with the generated ads could result in the user being redirected to other unsafe third-party websites.

If you often land on sites such as, it might be a sign that a PUP has managed to sneak itself onto your device. Consider running a scan with a professional security solution and then remove all detected applications.