Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a rogue website that tries to lure users in with promises of giving them access to a large catalog of kids' movies that can be streamed. Unfortunately, this is just a front covering the real purpose of the website - to redirect anyone to lands on it to dubious third-party pages.

Visitors who land on can then be taken to dubious websites that could represent a serious security risk. The least threatening possibility is if they are dropped on a page running a popular browser-based tactic. By employing different manipulative social-engineering tactics, such pages attempt to bait users into clicking the 'Allow' button that will give the tactic website a broad swath of browser permissions. It can then begin to deliver intrusive advertisements directly to the desktop or screen of the affected device even if users close their browser completely.

Clicking on any of the movies supposedly available on could take users to payment pages that require credit card information to stream the selected video. Giving any details to the website is a threatening proposition as the information might be scraped and sent to criminals leading to security breaches, money loss or other severe consequences.

Furthermore, although, appears as a website designed to be used primarily by kids, it is not that uncommon for intrusive advertisements offering adult-oriented games to be generated by it.

If you are experiencing redirects to, it might be caused by an adware-type application lurking inside your computer or device. It is recommended to perform a scan using a reputable anti-malware solution to make sure that the system hasn't been infected.


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