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PracticalDivision is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) as well as an adware program that targets Mac users running Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers. At the same time, it also possesses browser hijacker capabilities, as it will take over the user's browser and modify several of the default settings such as the default search engine.

Most users infected by PracticalDivision may first notice that something is wrong when their search queries suddenly start to be redirected through the fake search engine SafeFinder. Cybersecurity analysts consider such search engines to be fake because their goal is not to conduct searches on their own but instead to use one of the established engines and inject ads in the list of results delivered to the user. In the case of PracticalDivision and Safe Finder, search queries are ultimately carried through Yahoo search.

The main purpose of PracticalDivision is to deliver advertisements and sponsored content. Numerous advertisements ranging from banners, coupons, pop-up windows, or even full-page advertisements may disrupt the normal browsing experience. The displayed advertisements may start to cover some of the Web pages' content or lead to slow-downs of the browser itself. Furthermore, users who click on the advertisements delivered by PracticalDivision risk being redirected to less safer or outright compromised sites that can initiate drive-by downloads. Most adware programs also track and collect the user's data and browsing habits.

Although some adware and browser hijacker applications claim to have a variety of useful features, it is recommended to remove such programs from your Mac or PC as soon as possible by using legitimate security software.


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