Powzip is a program that may be advertised to PC users as a tool that can pack multiple files and folders into a single archive file, which can be password protected if needed. The Powzip software has no known publisher, and it is listed plainly as 'Powzip' in the Windows Control Panel. Powzip is proposed as a free application and can be installed through software bundles that may include applications like Multitimer and RunBooster. The Powzip program appears to lack support for updates and bug fixes. Educated computer users that are looking for a reliable archive manager may not like Powzip.

Powzip is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may come with bloatware and add an extension to your browser so that your Internet searches can be monetized. We have revived complaints that Powzip is often installed in the background silently. Affected users have noted that archive files are loaded in Powzip automatically without them choosing Powzip as their default archive manager. Powzip may be used by third parties to collect data like your Internet history, downloads logs and a list of installed programs. The information collected through Powzip may be sent to ad publishers and the browser extensions installed by Powzip may be used to push targeted commercials to your screen. Lab tests have shown that removing Powzip can be somewhat troublesome as you need to find its folder under Program Files (x86), run an uninstaller and delete the residual files as an administrator. It is easier and safer to remove Powzip with the help of a respected security application that can identify and remove PUPs.


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