PowerSploit Description

The PowerSploit tool is a genuine utility used by security specialists responsible for testing networks for vulnerabilities. The penetration testers provide this service to their clients to ensure that their networks and systems are not exposed and vulnerable to cyber crooks. The bad news that it is not only security experts who utilize the PowerSploit tool – cybercriminals take advantage of this utility as well.

The PowerSploit utility is utilized by a high-profile hacking group known as the Patchwork APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). This is likely an Indian-based hacking group that is very experienced in the field of cybercrime. They tend to deploy hacking tools against various government entities and high-profile organizations.

The PowerSploit framework allows the attackers to run pre-made PowerShell scripts on the infected system. The ability to run PowerShell scripts unlocks a wide range of options for the attackers. They can:

  • Bypass firewalls.
  • Evade anti-virus tools.
  • Collect sensitive data.
  • Gain persistence on the host.
  • Execute remote commands.

Since the PowerSploit utility can serve as a RAT (Remote Access Trojan), the attackers will be able to have full access to the compromised system.

Although the PowerSploit framework was created with good intentions, it is pretty clear for anti-virus product vendors that it may be used by evil-minded individuals. The PowerShell scripts that the framework uses are guaranteed to raise many red flags, and any modern, reputable anti-virus tool will alert you about how threatening PowerSploit can be.