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Pottieq Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 100 % (High)
Infected Computers: 457
First Seen: September 12, 2018
Last Seen: May 15, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The Pottieq Ransomware is an encryption ransomware Trojan, which was observed in the first week of September 2018. Some aspects of the Pottieq Ransomware have related it to a previously known ransomware Trojan named the Aura Ransomware. The Pottieq Ransomware is typically distributed as a fake file download. Versions of the Pottieq Ransomware have been spotted disguised as anti-virus programs, as well as updates for Java or Flash. This is why computer users should only download software and software updates from reputable software developers and sources directly.

How the Pottieq Ransomware Attacks a Computer

The Pottieq Ransomware uses a strong encryption algorithm to take the victim's files hostage. The Pottieq Ransomware uses the AES 256 encryption to make the victim's files inaccessible, targeting a wide variety of the user-generated files in its attack. The following are examples of the files that threats like the Pottieq Ransomware target in their attacks:

.jpg, .jpeg, .raw, .tif, .gif, .png, .bmp, .3dm, .max, .accdb, .db, .dbf, .mdb, .pdb, .sql, .dwg, .dxf, .cpp, .cs, .h, .php, .asp, .rb, .java, .jar, .class, .py, .js, .aaf, .aep, .aepx, .plb, .prel, .prproj, .aet, .ppj, .psd, .indd, .indl, .indt, .indb, .inx, .idml, .pmd, .xqx, .xqx, .ai, .eps, .ps, .svg, .swf, .fla, .as3, .as, .txt, .doc, .dot, .docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm, .docb, .rtf, .wpd, .wps, .msg, .pdf, .xls, .xlt, .xlm, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsb, .xla, .xlam, .xll, .xlw, .ppt, .pot, .pps, .pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potm, .ppam, .ppsx, .ppsm, .sldx, .sldm, .wav, .mp3, .aif, .iff, .m3u, .m4u, .mid, .mpa, .wma, .ra, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .3gp, .mpeg, .3g2, .asf, .asx, .flv, .mpg, .wmv, .vob, .m3u8, .dat, .csv, .efx, .sdf, .vcf, .xml, .ses, .qbw, .qbb, .qbm, .qbi, .qbr , .cnt, .des, .v30, .qbo, .ini, .lgb, .qwc, .qbp, .aif, .qba, .tlg, .qbx, .qby , .1pa, .qpd, .txt, .set, .iif, .nd, .rtp, .tlg, .wav, .qsm, .qss, .qst, .fx0, .fx1, .mx0, .fpx, .fxr, .fim, .ptb, .ai, .pfb, .cgn, .vsd, .cdr, .cmx, .cpt, .csl, .cur, .des, .dsf, .ds4, , .drw, .eps, .ps, .prn, .gif, .pcd, .pct, .pcx, .plt, .rif, .svg, .swf, .tga, .tiff, .psp, .ttf, .wpd, .wpg, .wi, .raw, .wmf, .txt, .cal, .cpx, .shw, .clk, .cdx, .cdt, .fpx, .fmv, .img, .gem, .xcf, .pic, .mac, .met, .pp4, .pp5, .ppf, .nap, .pat, .ps, .prn, .sct, .vsd, .wk3, .wk4, .xpm, .zip, .rar.

The Pottieq Ransomware will replace the infected computer's desktop image with a ransom note demanding that the victim contact the criminals via email and pay a large ransom. The Pottieq Ransomware has been associated with several emails, and the Pottieq Ransomware will typically change the infected files' names to include a contact email. The following is the text of the Pottieq Ransomware's ransom note:

'Attention! Your computer has been attacked by a virus-encoder!
All your files are now encrypted using cryptographically strong algorithm.
Without the original key recovery is impossible. To get the decoder and the original key, you need to email us at
Our assistance is not free, so expect to pay a reasonable price for our decrypting services.
No exceptions will be made. In the subject line of your email include the id number, which can be found in the file name of all encrypted files.
It is in your interest to respond as soon as possible to ensure the restoration of your files.
P.S. only in case you do not receive a response from the first email address within 48 hours, please use this alternative email:'

Protecting Your Data from Threats Like the Pottieq Ransomware

The Pottieq Ransomware attacks will make the victim's files to be lost permanently. However, having file backups, together with a security software, computer users can protect their machines and themselves against threats like the Pottieq Ransomware and the many other encryption ransomware Trojans that are being used to attack computer users currently.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Pottieq Ransomware

File System Details

Pottieq Ransomware may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.exe 06f1bd79219eeaf1c929d66fe80766d6 22

Registry Details

Pottieq Ransomware may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask


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