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Police Rendőrség Ransomware

By Domesticus in Ransomware

The Police Rendorség Ransomware Trojan is used to carry out a well known online scam that involves impersonating police departments in order to convince computer users that they need to pay unnecessary fines in order to avoid prosecution. There are numerous malware families used to carry out the same scam used by the Police Rendorség Ransomware. The Police Rendorség Ransomware itself belongs to a large family of malware known as Reveton. There are dozens of variants in the Reveton malware family. The Reveton Trojan will typically adapt itself to the infected computer's location in order to make it seem as if the threat of police action is coming from the victim's country's police force. The Police Rendorség Ransomware variant affects computer systems located in Hungary.

How Criminals Distribute the Police Rendorség Ransomware Infection

There are several common methods that criminals use to infect computer systems with the Police Rend?rség Ransomware. The most common of these include the following:

  • The Police Rendorség Ransomware infection will often come as a chain reaction of visiting an infected website. These websites use exploit kits to misuse vulnerabilities in visitors' computer systems in order to install malware like the Police Rendorség Ransomware infection. Ways in which computer users are directed to attack websites include browser hijackers, malicious links embedded in spam email messages, advertisements or pop-up windows and genuine websites that have been infected in order to redirect the computer users to malicious content.
  • Malware like the Police Rendorség Ransomware is also distributed directly by malicious spam email attachments or fake downloads.
  • It is also possible for the Police Rendorség Ransomware and its many variants to be distributed as legitimate files, causing inexperienced computer users to download and install them themselves. For example, it is common for variants of the Police Rend?rség Ransomware to be planted in file sharing networks disguised as recent TV episodes, popular movies, serial number crackers for popular PC games or recent albums from popular bands.

The Police Rendorség Ransomware scam is not complicated. Basically, this kind of malware prevents the computer user from using the infected computer. The Police Rendorség Ransomware will display a full screen message claiming that the computer was blocked by the Hungarian police. Then, after threatening the victim with jail time, the Police Rendorség Ransomware demands payment of a 'fine' in order to unblock the infected computer.


The following messages associated with Police Rendőrség Ransomware were found:

Police Rend?rség
Szolgalunk es Vedunk
FIGYELEM! A szamitogep meg van tiltva legalabb az egyik ok miatt az alabbiak kozul.

On megsertette “A szerzoi es szomszedos jogokrol” szolo torvenyt (video, zene, szoftver) es a jogellenes modon hasznalja vagy terjeszti a szerzoi jog altal vedett tartalmat, ugy megsertve Magyarorszag Bunteto Torvenykonyvenek a 128. cikket.

A birsagokat lehet fizetni csak 72 oran belul a jogsertest meg kovetoen. Amint 72 ora telhet el, a birsag kifizetesenek a lehetosege megszunik, es a bunteto ugyet On ellen inditjak automatikusan a kovetkezo 72 oraban!

A birsag osszege HUF 25.000 (Ft) vagy €100.

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