Threat Database Browser Hijackers or or

By Sumo3000 in Browser Hijackers is part of a known online scam used to trick inexperienced computer users into paying bogus police fines. and its many variants are used to carry out a well known Police Ransomware dishonest scheme. Like most Police Ransomware, components associated with block access to the affected Web browser claiming to be associated with the law enforcement and then demanding the payment of a bogus 'police fine.' Computer users may be directed to after clicking on a corrupted link or because their computer has become infected by other threats or potentially risky components. uses Java, making capable of affecting any Web browsers with this platform enabled.

Removing from an Affected PC is not an Easy Task is simply a low quality website that uses scripts to prevent computer users from leaving the website or closing their Web browser, displaying threatening pop-up messages whenever computer users attempt to do so. If you arrive at the website and cannot leave, you may need to shut down your Web browser using the Windows Task Manager to push to close. The main purpose of the website is to trick inexperienced computer users into paying a fake fine of about $300 USD using MoneyPak, Ukash or other money transfer services. and its variants detect the victim's location, adapting their message so that will appear to come from that location's main police force and demand a payment using a money transfer service accessible from that location. A sample of this is when PC users in the United States will receive a fake message from the FBI and will be urged to pay using MoneyPak while computer users in the United Kingdom may receive a message from the Metropolitan Police and have to pay using Ukash.

Most previous Police Ransomware attacks used Trojans designed to take over an entire computer, preventing Windows from starting up as normal. The approach is less far-fetched. Computer users are more likely to believe that the police has intercepted their Internet connection than that the police has somehow contacted their computer while it was turned off and shut it down completely.


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