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Pojie Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

Numerous data-locking Trojans are lurking on the Web, preying on unsuspecting users online. Unfortunately, file-lockers have been very popular, and they will continue to make headlines in the foreseeable future. One of the newest file-encrypting Trojans is called Pojie Ransomware.

Propagation and Encryption

The Pojie Ransomware is a threat that will not hesitate to encrypt almost all the data that is present on your computer. This data-locker is targeting images, audio files, videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, archives and many other filetypes. To lock the targeted files, the Pojie Ransomware will apply a secure encryption algorithm. Typically, when a file-locker encrypts a file, it will mark it with a new extension. In the case of the Pojie Ransomware, the extension is' .52pojie.' For example, a file, which was named ',' will be renamed to '' Threats like the Pojie Ransomware are often propagated with the help of phishing emails. The fraudulent emails may contain a malicious link or a macro-laced attachment. Authors of ransomware also tend to use fake application updates or downloads, malvertising campaigns, torrent trackers, bogus social media profiles, etc.

The Ransom Note

The Pojie Ransomware drops a file on the user's system. The file contains the ransom message of the authors of the Pojie Ransomware and is named '52pojie-DECRYPT----.txt.' It is likely that the Pojie Ransomware targets mainly Chinese users. This is because the ransom note is written entirely in Chinese. The ransom note is very brief. There are no details regarding the ransom fee, but the attackers make it clear that they demand to be contacted via email – ‘'

Malware experts advise users against contacting cybercriminals. There are no guarantees that the decryption key will be sent to you, even if you follow every instruction offered by the authors of the Pojie Ransomware. It is best to install a reputable anti-malware suite that will help you remove the Pojie Ransomware from your system for good.


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