Threat Database Browser Hijackers Ads Ads

It is extremely unlikely for users to open the website willingly. After all, the page is nothing but another push-notification tactic with absolutely zero useful content. Its only goal is to deliver intrusive advertisements to the users' devices and generate profits for its operators in the process. Pages such as have been flooding the Internet for quite a while now, and it seems that the speed at which more deceptive pages are being churned out is not decreasing.

Not surprisingly, employs the same tactics as all of the other hoax websites of this type. It has been observed to promise that by clicking 'Allow' users will be able to download an unspecified file. Other popular misleading scenarios abused by these pages include pretending to be conducting a CAPTCHA check or that a video is encountering issues and the only way to view it is by clicking 'Allow.'

The advertisements generated by could be extremely disruptive and distracting. However, more importantly, they could lead to unsafe third-party websites including more con pages, phishing pages, suspicious online game platforms and more. In addition, advertising materials delivered by such questionable sources are often used to promote intrusive applications that turn out to be nothing more than adware, browser hijackers or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).


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