is a deceptive website that tries to lure visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. This is a popular browser-based tactic and there are countless websites created for the singular purpose of carrying it out. They all operate in a virtually identical manner, and is not an exception. By displaying fake or misleading messages, these sites bait users into clicking the 'Allow' button. 

One of the ploys employed by is to pretend to be conducting a captcha check for bots. The site will display an image of a robot accompanied by the following message:

'Click Allow if you are not a robot'

Users who do not pay enough attention could follow the instruction and fall for the site's trap easily. Afterward, could abuse its newly-gained browser permissions to run an intrusive advertising campaign and generate monetary gains for its creators. The delivered advertising materials could appear even when the affected browser itself has been closed completely. It is recommended to avoid clicking on the presented advertisements as they could easily take users to other, far more unsafe, places on the Internet via forced redirects.

To stop from affecting your browsing experience, you will have to first navigate to the Permissions or Notifications section of your respective browser. Then, revoke all permissions that have been granted to the deceiving website.


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