Threat Database Rogue Websites is a dubious website that attempts to take advantage of its visitors via various misleading and clickbait messages. This particular behavior can be observed in countless other equally untrustworthy pages. In most cases, the con sites lure users into unknowingly subscribing to that site's push notifications. If successful, the page can proceed to generate monetary gains for its operators by delivering numerous, unwanted advertisements.

Typically, sites such as hide their true intentions behind fake scenarios. It is common for users to be shown messages implying that they must pass a CAPTCHA check to access the content of the site. Of course, there is no such content, the con page simply wants users to click on the 'Allow' button and enable its push notifications. When examining, cybersecurity researchers observed the site using clickbait messages that promised users a $50 gift card.

When dealing with the advertisements generated by unknown or questionable sources, users should exercise caution. The advertisements could be promoting additional hoax destinations that may include phishing portals collecting all entered information or platforms spreading invasive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) equipped with adware, browser hijacker or even possessing data-tracking capabilities.


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