The '' pop-ups is a misleading website that targets Apple users. It displays fake warning messages in an attempt to scare visitors into downloading and installing a promoted third-party application, in most cases a PUP. There are countless misleading websites that operate identically to the '' pop-ups. The scenario chose by this particular page is to claim that the user's device has been infected with numerous malware threats. The battery of the device has already been damaged and if the threats persist they will cause further damage. To fix the situation, users are urged to download a promoted application called ADBlocker - Blocking ads.

When dealing with a dubious website such as the '' pop-ups, the most important thing to remember is that no website can conduct an anti-malware scan on its own. As a result, all of the claims displayed in the pop-up messages are false and can be ignored safely. Furthermore, the applications promoted in such a manipulative manner are almost always PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Even in the cases that the offered application is a legitimate one, users should still go and download it from the official application store and not through a dubious third-party website.

If the appearance of the '' pop-ups is not an isolated occurrence and is happing multiple times within a short time, this could be a signal for an adware application lurking on the device. It is recommended to perform a scan with a reputable anti-malware product. Remove any suspicious application that is detected.

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