Phoenix Exploit Kit

Phoenix Exploit Kit Description

Type: Adware

The vast majority of malware attacks involving an exploit kit are perpetrated by criminals using the Black Hole Exploit Kit. This is due to this hacking platform's unique reach, being available for free on underground networks and the fact that it has been around for quite a long time. However, there are other dangerous and sophisticated hacking kits on the market, which can be used for more specialized malware attacks. The Phoenix Exploit Kit is one of these exploit kits that have been used in high profile malware attacks. While it is not as prevalent as its main competitor, the Phoenix Exploit Kit contains components that make it a highly sophisticated hacking tool that can be used to infiltrate even heavily protected computers. Fortunately, the creator and developer of the Phoenix Exploit Kit was arrested recently, making it likely that attacks involving the Phoenix Exploit Kit will start to decrease over time.

Bringing Down the Criminal Behind the Phoenix Exploit Kit

The person responsible for the Phoenix Exploit Kit was arrested in the Russian Federation recently. Andrey Alexandrov, a 23-year-old in a town near Moscow was arrested due to having created the Phoenix Exploit Kit, which sells for thousands of dollars on underground hacking forums. Posts by the Phoenix Exploit Kit's creator himself reported on his arrest, which will undoubtedly have significant effects on the development of the Phoenix Exploit Kit.

What Makes the Phoenix Exploit Kit Different from Prevalent Platforms

The Phoenix Exploit Kit uses several scripts that can carry out a sophisticated analysis of the victim's computer in order to exploit vulnerabilities and install malware on it. The Phoenix Exploit Kit can be used for high profile attacks because what the Phoenix Exploit Kit lacks in market presence it more than makes up for in the thoroughness of its approach. The Phoenix Exploit Kit also has a high degree of automatization, making it especially effective for carrying out devastating attacks on a large number of victims simultaneously. Essentially, attack websites are created which actually contain the Phoenix Exploit Kit. Criminals redirect computer users to these websites using a variety of tactics that usually include social engineering and various kinds of browser hijackers. As the victim visits the attack website, the Phoenix Exploit Kit detects vulnerabilities in the infected computer and then attempts to exploit them in order to carry out its attack.

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