PE_VIRUX.A-1 Description

Type: Worms

PE_VIRUX.A-1 is a dangerous file infector program that opens a backdoor for remote attackers on a compromised computer. PE_VIRUX.A-1 gives remote attackers full control over a system, allowing them to install malicious parasites onto the infect computer.

PE_VIRUX.A-1 can be installed onto a computer via drive-by downloads or malicious websites, without the user's knowledge or permission.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
Panda Trj/Passtealer.FZ
AVG Worm/Delf.GOD
Fortinet W32/AutoRun.LW!worm
AhnLab-V3 Win-Trojan/Autorun.59392.B
Sophos W32/SillyFDC-BP
AntiVir TR/Agent.AGBR
DrWeb Win32.HLLW.Autoruner.1773
Comodo Worm.Win32.AutoRun.EY
BitDefender Trojan.Agent.AGBR
Kaspersky Worm.Win32.AutoRun.lw
ClamAV Trojan.Autorun-220
Avast Win32:AutoRun-QM [Wrm]
F-Prot W32/Worm.AXFI
NOD32 Win32/AutoRun.EY
McAfee W32/Autorun.worm.r

Technical Information

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File System Details

PE_VIRUX.A-1 creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 database.mdb 0a456ffff1d3fd522457c187ebcf41e4 2,498
2 Alwil Software .scr 877f32a2b7b611f4080f1ee1380c71ac 32
3 kop .scr 7a0b5674ec20b6455559ca1d70dc2c55 19
4 musallat.exe 5176a58244391519e1adb48221377b58 7
5 SgiBioSrv .scr 13ae3be4d7ec63dc38b3e6dc94a20abc 6
6 super cerame .scr bafbe25d1051c4a2f42e2262538de8f5 3
7 toil.exe ec8a1659c7d67a3859d515130bae3c4c 3
8 ADORER AVEC NOUS .scr 5421ad3e8fbe0f8a04e617224f4abbf0 2
9 Prolin.exe 65eeb8a0fce412d7f236f8348357d1c0 2
10 VirusShare_2ca27551e11bf054f7c5cb98eac11408 2ca27551e11bf054f7c5cb98eac11408 2
11 NAKEDWIF.EXE da9dba70de70dc43d6535f2975cec68d 2
12 magistr.exe a8cfcfa06303168b5f94e0696882a3c8 2
13 VirusShare_0eb3cca824da735aa040caa012450748 0eb3cca824da735aa040caa012450748 2
14 Local Settings .scr 6b6ec76eb7dd73effd7850563b4846e8 1
15 McAfee .scr 15dc3c8aae7c94d1da99db2efe3bcb20 1
16 Sun .scr 3f502c61562fcde6c1923acbd757c428 1
17 LAPTOP DATA .scr 349752fc724199059603073bacfa429e 1
18 FOUND.039 .scr e64e104bd27c0e0c7eb7d1b528f45b06 1
19 doc01 .scr d3dd17b567bdc7e7daa1ab36495d1bcb 1
20 عععع .scr 7ab70d44ec07d076ea7dc7e8aff6a011 1
21 stator.exe 52a3b8dda9c9f1c87b77f9aa01e6777e 1
22 Kiray.exe f22ae972aee081ec86faa30e73d9675f 1
23 fintas.exe 42b1eb959ce76f9013e8e9922305ca29 1
24 paukor.exe 7e20359dfc0b2291487f1a45c4471988 1
25 VirusShare_15c2f7ece2c6647c5e45608e39b08e34 15c2f7ece2c6647c5e45608e39b08e34 1
26 gip3.exe 644814aa418a3ae1716daa7fb484a539 1
27 naked.exe da4371bc7347d3633c0eea308c9cb444 0
28 gip1.exe dbea1cc228c9353851e06599788a5a5e 0
More files

Registry Details

PE_VIRUX.A-1 creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
%PROGRAMFILES%\windows common files
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\windows common files
File name without path
! My Picutre.SCR
New Folder.exe
Thumbs .db
windows vista setup .scr
Regexp file mask
%SystemRoot%\System32\XP-[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe

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