is a deceptive website that tries to trick visitors into subscribing to its push notification services unknowingly. This tactic involves showing deceptive and fake messages that act as a lure. The exact text may vary but the messages always instruct users to click the 'Allow' button. 

Anyone who presses the button will afterward be subjected to an intrusive advertising campaign. The ads delivered by shouldn't be trusted as they may lead to unsafe places. Users could be taken to phishing pages that scrape all entered information, domains offering PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), or even compromised websites spreading serious malware threats.

Keep in mind that is not an isolated occurrence. On the contrary, there are countless websites that proliferate the same tactic and operate in a virtually identical manner. The scheme may show different bait scenarios. The most popular by far is pretending to run a CAPTCHA check. may show an image containing a robot alongside messages such as:

'I am not a robot'

'Click Allow to confirm'

'Click 'Allow' to verify that you are not a robot'

Users usually do not land on pages such as on their own. In the vast majority of cases, they are forced there by either a redirect caused by a previously opened site or as a result of having a PUP present on their device. It is strongly recommended to run regular scans with a professional security solution to keep your device clean from such intruder applications. 


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