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Personal Antivirus Description

ScreenshotPersonal Antivirus is a fake anti-spyware program. Personal Antivirus was found to be a clone of two other rogue anti-spyware applications named Internet Antivirus Pro and General Antivirus. All of these applications share one main objective, getting computer users to purchase a full version.

Personal Antivirus may come from a Trojan such as Vundo by installing the Personal Antivirus application without your consent. Personal Antivirus usually generates a multitude of misleading security popups and system messages about your system having various computer infections. Personal Antivirus should not be used for detection or removal of any type of computer parasites. You must ignore all messages and system scan results that come from Personal Antivirus.

Aliases: possible-Threat.Crack.RecoverMyFiles [Ikarus], Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT [Sunbelt], W32/Redosdru.LS, Artemis!86A78E2DB338 [McAfee], Trojan-Spy/W32.Dibik.9177024, Generic Trojan [Panda], W32/FakeAV.Y!genr, Crypt.HOG [AVG], FakeAlert.MP [AVG], Application.Maybe_RogueAV, a variant of Win32/Kryptik.ANW [NOD32], Trojan/W32.Agent.1908736, Trojan.Spy.1908736.2 [McAfee-GW-Edition], ApplicUnsaf.Win32.FraudTool.PersonalAV.~B [Comodo] and Crypt.FZT [AVG].

Technical Information

Screenshots & Other Imagery

Personal Antivirus Image 1 Personal Antivirus Image 2 Personal Antivirus Image 3 Personal Antivirus Image 4 Personal Antivirus Image 5

File System Details

Personal Antivirus creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 D:\Games & Applications\Recuva\RecoverMyFiles-Setup-French\RecoverMyFiles\Recover.My.Files.Pro.V.4.9.Inc.Crack\Crack\RecoverMyFiles.exe\RecoverMyFiles.exe 9,177,024 86a78e2db338d14561db50ba4714cb3f 225
2 PersonalAV.exe 1,331,200 f4fc4aeefe99df60bbdf8f909529bb77 0
3 Security Software.exe 1,327,104 756ba856b297221bd56a436c4e59541d 0
4 wincontrol.dll 374,272 9956d20cab04c6f70eab66c6fddb63c0 0
5 PersonalAntivirus[1].exe 1,997,497 11b9faff90725a6b13cfc44ecc48de20 0
More files

Registry Details

Personal Antivirus creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
File name without path

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  • Anonymous:

    how do you delete the file that causes fake warnings

  • d:

    rename the pav.exe file to pav.txt and delete the entire folder. it works!!

    good riddance of pav!

  • Gary:


    I appreciate your comment to Anonymous on Jul 21. It sounds like this what I need to do to rid myself of Personal Antivirus. This problem I have is the reoccurring popup of a cookie that tells me I am infected with multiple Trojans. They want you to purchase their software for their fradulant infection of this cookie. My problem is "how do you rename the pav.exe to pav.text. I am so frustrated my head is swimming. Thank you in advance for any support.

  • anu:

    what is a personal anitvirus? how do you remove it? i have a virus protection plan, but when i try to scan my laptop, it tells me that i dont have any spamm or virus. thank you.

  • clint:

    Personal Antivirus keeps telling i have a virus that is not on my computer i forn that the virus is a real virus so i founf the directions on how to remove it and started to remove the virus only to find that none of the so called files were even on my computer. There was no virus this is a sales tactic the true virus is the Personal Antivirus.

  • LD Martin:

    Can you tell me how I acquired this personal anitvirus??

  • ambark:

    this is the good program

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