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PENTA Ransomware

Cybercriminals have created a new ransomware threat capable of locking users out of their own files. Named PENTA Ransomware, the threat can encrypt a large set of file types and render them unusable. The strong cryptographic algorithm employed by PENTA ensures that the affected files cannot be recovered without having the specific decryption key.

When locking a file, the threat will mark it by appending '.PENTA' to its name as a new file extension. As for its ransom note, the malware creates a text file named 'PENTA_READ ME.txt' that carries the full set of instructions. A shorter version of the ransom-demanding message will be displayed in an image that PENTA Ransomware will set as the new Desktop background on the compromised system.

Ransom Note Details

According to the message, the hackers want to receive a ransom of exactly 0.0035 BTC (Bitcoin) in order to provide their victims with the necessary decryption keys. Bitcoin's exchange rate is notorious for its volatility but at the current prices, the ransom demanded by PENTA Ransomware stands at approximately $167.

However, before making the payment, victims are instructed to contact the hackers via the three provided email addresses - ',' ',' and '' The messages must contain the unique number assigned to each victim.

The full text of the ransom note is:


Your documents, photos, and other important databases are all encrypted by PENTA RANSOMWARE.
Find “PENTA_READ ME.txt”: and purchase recovery key.

If you want to recover your files, follow these commands and purchase a recovery key.


Please contact us by email below and send us your VH2S, which is your VICTIM number.

If you have sent the correct VICTOM number via email, you will be sent a site where you can purchase the recovery key.

Go to the site and download the Tor browser.

Please connect to the site and send 0.0035 bitcoin to the bitcoin wallet written on the site. If you don’t have bitcoin, buy it with your credit card and send it.

If the purchase is complete, download and run the recovery key. Your files will be restored if the program has run normally. If you run the program and nothing happens, please run the program again.


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