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By ZulaZuza in Rogue Websites Image

The website is associated with a rogue registry cleaner known as PC Speed Maximizer. Rogue registry cleaners associated with claims that the victim's computer has numerous problems that are slowing it down or putting it in danger. In reality, these bogus claims are only there to allow criminals to peddle their fake security solutions. The website in particular carries out a supposed scan of the infected computer. However, this scan will always claim that the victim's computer is in trouble, even on a brand new computer with a fresh installation of its operating system. Because of this, should be avoided and all software associated with this website considered malicious or part of a scam.

Regardless of the health of your computer, will display alarming scan results claiming that there are several serious problems on your computer. Experienced computer users will know that many of these supposed 'problems' aren't problems at all or that they are simply lies that do not make sense. However, these kinds of fake results can be very frightening to the customary computer user. Once displays its bogus results, prompts the computer user to download PC Speed Maximizer and other fake security applications. Malware researchers found that claimed that there were more than one hundred problems on a computer that was, in fact, brand new and in perfect condition. Apart from these claims, made the alarming claim that the computer was in danger and required immediate installation of PC Speed Maximizer and other rogue security programs.

If you have visited and allowed to scan your computer, ESG malware researchers strongly advise the use of a real security application to scan your computer. Websites like will often attempt to set up malware and rogue security programs without authorization taking advantage of exploits that make use of known software vulnerabilities. Despite the fact that asks you to initiate the download, this does not mean that has not already attempted to install other malicious components on your computer in the background. If PC Speed Maximizer or any of its variants has been installed on your computer, ESG security analysts advise removing at once with the assistance of a reliable anti-malware program.


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