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Pcqq Ransomware

Among the growing threats of ransomware, we have discovered a newer variation of the Djvu family of ransomware, called Pcqq Ransomware. The Pcqq Ransomware threat uses the traditional methods that many other recent and popular threats associated with Djvu Ransomware utilizes, such as the ability to target specific files only to encrypt them to hold an infected PC for ransom.

The ransom that Pcqq Ransomware holds encrypted files for is one that demands a payment of $490 to as much as $1,000 as a way of purchasing a supposed decryption code or key. Those who face the wrath of Pcqq Ransomware will be faced with either purchasing the decryption code to get their files back or utilizing a recent backup of their system to restore the files. In either case, it is best that the affected computer user utilizes the necessary antimalware resource to first remove Pcqq Ransomware from their system so that no additional files are encrypted.

Upon removal of Pcqq Ransomware, which is essential to begin restoring encrypted files, the computer user will want to ensure that they have protected their computer against future ransomware attacks. While no security application will 100% guarantee ransomware prevention, there’s still a chance of warding off malware threats that install ransomware by using antimalware software.


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