Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 13
First Seen: June 14, 2022
Last Seen: January 21, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The Pcprotect.name page appears to be created solely to run various online tactics. One of the schemes that cybersecurity experts have observed on the site is a variation of 'Your PC is infected with 5 viruses!' Typically, this tactic tries to convince users to download and install a dubious promoted application or push them towards buying a subscription for a legitimate security program. In the latter case, the fraudsters are likely trying to earn commission fees based on the transactions completed via the dubious site.

To make their fake claims and security alerts appear real, sites running this scheme often exploit the names, branding, logos, and design of popular security companies, such as Norton or McAfee. Users should keep in mind that these sites have no connection to the company whose name they are showing. At the same time, any scan results that may be displayed should be regarded as completely fabricated. After all, no website can scan the user's device for threats on its own.

Finally, questionable websites such as Pcprotect.name may ask visitors to enable their push notifications. The goal is to exploit the browser permissions associated with this feature to run an unwanted and intrusive ad campaign. The generated advertisements are likely to promote untrustworthy destinations, such as more unsafe pages, fake giveaways, suspicious online dating/gaming platforms and more.


Pcprotect.name may call the following URLs:



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