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Patriot Stealer

The Patriot Stealer is a software product that, according to its promotional materials, has been created only for educational purposes. However, at the same time, its developers claim that the program is one of the best stealers available. Indeed, the Patriot Stealer can easily be deployed as part of attack campaigns targeting victims' data. The threatening capabilities of the malware allow it to access and exfiltrate a wide range of sensitive details.

Once successfully installed on the victim's device, the Patriot Stealer will begin extracting data from several of the most widely used Web browsers - Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Sputnik, OperaGX and others. The attackers may compromise users' browsing activity, browser cookies, autofill data, passwords saved in the impacted browsers and other important information. In addition, the Patriot Stealer can harvest WiFi passwords and impact a range of VPN products (HMA, NordVPN, OpenVPN, Mullvad and ProtonVPN). The harmful functionality of the threat also includes the ability to collect Discord accounts, acquire credit/debit card details and gather Telegram account credentials.

The consequences of a Patriot Stealer infection could be severe. The information collected by the threat could cause its victims to lose access to their accounts, suffer monetary losses and become susceptible to privacy and security issues.


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