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The website is a fake search engine associated with numerous browser hijackers – mainly the Google Redirect Virus. The fake search engine at the domain claims that can perform searches on various commercial search engines, specifically Yahoo; however, cannot reliably search the Internet. Instead, this fake search engine returns results from a list of malicious websites that have actually paid for's services. The website in itself contains a number of malware infections. The results that are displayed on this fake search engine are also characterized by containing numerous unsafe features and malware-related problems. ESG security researchers recommend avoiding the website. If your browser is taking you to the website against your will, your computer is probably infected with a browser hijacker. If you have visited the website on your own (by clicking a link, or by accident), ESG malware analysts recommend restarting your computer in Safe Mode and scanning your hard drives for any potential malware problems before they become a full-fledged infection. – A Cause and a Result of Malware

The website has a dual relationship with malware of all kinds. Redirects to this website are caused by many malware problems. This website is also a gateway that can potentially infect your computer with malicious software, such as Trojans and Adware. It is this dual relationship that makes a dangerous threat to your computer's security. is part of a large network of rogue websites associated with the Google Redirect Virus. Other harmful websites similar to include and Some causes of redirects to the website include:

  1. Trojans with a browser hijacking component.
  2. Viruses and Adware, such as the Google Redirect Virus.
  3. Browser hijackers in the form of toolbars or Browser Helper Objects for Internet Explorer.

The is also associated with various malware problems, viruses, spyware and adware. These are typically found in infected advertisements that use Flash and JavaScript exploits to infect your computer with malware. Many of the websites associated with the fake search engine also contain malicious pop-up windows and fake file downloads that are really Trojans in disguise.

Symptoms of

There are several symptoms that point to a malware infection acquired from Any of these symptoms is a warning that you should run a scan and disinfect your computer system:

  • Your computer is being directed to the websites against your will.
  • Your computer is showing pop-up windows and advertisements, even if your Internet browser is not running.
  • Your computer is running extremely slowly, crashes frequently and has had several of its settings changed without your authorization.


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