Threat Database Stealers Paradies Clipper

Paradies Clipper

Cybercriminals are selling another crypto-stealer threat on underground hacker forums. The malware is tracked as the Paradies Clipper and can be obtained by paying $50 per month to its creators. The attackers can then proceed to infect the devices of their targets and attempt to reroute any of the cryptocurrency transactions carried out on the breached systems.

Indeed, clipper malware threats are designed to monitor the clipboard space on the device specifically. The clipboard feature provides users with a convenient buffer space, where information can be saved for a short period, mainly with the goal of transferring it between applications. Due to the fact that crypto-wallet addresses are represented by lengthy strings of characters, users tend to simply copy and paste them wherever needed.

Paradies Clipper can detect such crypto-wallet addresses and substitute them within the clipboard with a wallet address belonging to its operators. Thus, the unsuspecting victims will be transferring their funds to an unintended recipient. The nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions makes the recovery of the funds almost impossible. The Paradies Clipper can affect Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Neo and the Ripple cryptocurrencies.


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